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This first level course will give you the knowledge and solid foundation for your learning of Homeopathic medicine. It will give you the confidence to self prescribe for yourself, family and for your pets.  This introductory course will be given in 6 modules taking you through the most important information that you will need for your journey into Homeopathic Medicine. There will be 2 units within each module.

You will work through each module at your own pace and I will be here to support you should you need help or guidance.

Effective study is all about absorbing, remembering and recalling the material being studied, so that it can be put to practical use at a later time. There are many techniques employed by students to revise what has been studied in the hope that the study material has been understood and retained. Read through the information carefully and take notes if you need to.  Some students like to do this as it helps them absorb the information better but everyone is different and it is entirely up to you to develop your own study methods.

I would suggest you  do take your own notes from the course material provided and or print out the material for your own learning. I would recommend using a work file for all your notes, tests and all information needed to aid your own learning as this will become your portfolio that you can always refer to. At the end of each module you will have a few test questions to answer so I can see that you are getting a clear understanding of what you are learning and I will grade your work on your answers.  I have also set little tasks in a few modules and this is also part of your assessment and final exam. Keep all of these tests and your grades in your file also. At the end of each module when you have answered the test questions and if you have any assessment tasks I ask that you send your work to me in a format which suits you.  Other students use a word document which you can send via email to me at

but if you have any difficulty with this please contact me and we can find a way that suits.  Remember that I will support your learning the best I can as we all have different methods and there is no wrong way.  When I receive your work I will send you your grade with any comments and feedback on how I think you are progressing. 

At the end of all 6 modules I will set you an exam and a short assignment and on completion of these you will be awarded with a level 1 Certificate in Homeopathic Medicine (Introductory level) and once you completed this course you will be able to progress onto level 2 and to further levels as your love, understanding and respect for Homeopathy grows!


The Modules you will complete are:

Course Module 1 - The History and principles of Homeopathy

Course Module 2 - Health and Disease

Course Module 3 - Homeopathic Potency, dosage etc

Course Module 4 - Remedies - the most common Acute remedies

Course Module 5 - Case taking and examples

Course Module 6 - Homeopathy for pets - Acute prescribing and most common first aid remedies

When you are ready to begin just select course module 1 and start to absorb and enjoy the information about such a fascinating and interesting medical art.


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