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Acute Remedies

All Remedies on this page are for acute/self use. The remedies now come in larger 10ml bottles. Should you need any advice please contact me.  I can tailor make a Homeopathic First Aid with remedies of your choice.  The Homeopathic First Aid kits are available on the Specialist Treatments page and come with 10 remedies in smaller bottles.  Please contact me if you would like specific remedies in each kit.  Also contact me if your condition is beyond acute/self help and you need help.


Arnica 6c, 30c, and 200c


Arnica is used for a wide range of conditions, including bruises, sprains, muscle aches, wound healing, superficial phlebitis, joint pain, inflammation and swelling from soft tissue injury and broken bones. Arnica is the first choice of remedy for injury and trauma. It rapidly aids healing both physically and emotionally in cases of shock. Please specify which potency you require.


Aconite image

Aconite 6c, 30c and 200c


Aconite addresses fear, anxiety and anguish. It is used to treat shock, injury and trauma that is accompanied by fear. Helps with extreme restlessness, fear, panic attacks. May shiver with fear. Other symptoms that indicate the use of Aconite are acute and happen suddenly and violently and are accompanied by fear, fever, chill and headache. Give Aconite within the first 12 hours of an acute illness as it can prevent it from progressing any further.


Allium Cepa 6c and 30c


Allium Cepa is a useful remedy for colds with mucus that streams from the eyes and nose. It is also useful in cold, damp climates with phlegmatic patients who whose health has become poor due to life circumstances, illness or too much medication. Helps with neuralgic pains following injury to nerves or following amputation of a limb.


Antimonium Tartaricum 6c and 30c


Important (rattling) cough remedy, where patient is unable to expectorate (feels like they are "drowning in mucus". Feels suffocated, weak, drowsy and limp. May be irritable. Much yawning and sweating.Tongue is coated white.


Belladonna 6c, 30c and 200c


This remedy is essential for sudden acute and violent onset of symptoms. Excellent for sudden high temperature, may be delirious, inflamed areas, burning and feels hot. Eyes may be glassy and pupils dilated. Extreme sensitivity to touch, noise and light. May be angry or irritable. Pains are violent and throbbing. Useful where symptoms are hot and dryness with lack of thirst.


Bellis Perennis 6c and 30c


Bellis Perinnis is excellent for injuries to soft tissue. It is similar to Arnica but specific to soft tissue injury or pain to soft tissue areas. Very useful following surgery and dentistry.


Bryonia 6c and 30 c


No. 1 Remedy for dry, painful coughs. Dryness of all mucous membranes. Great thirst for large amounts at long intervals. All pains and symptoms are much worse for the slightest movement. Pains are stitching. A"bear with a sore head" who is irritable and resentful of being questioned or fussed over. Headaches that come from digestion of a weak liver. Also good for constipation


Calendula 6c and 30c


Homeopathic antiseptic for cuts, sores, wounds,ulcers, bites, puncture wounds and other injuries. A most remarkable rapid healing agent taken internally or topically.


Cantharis 6c and 30 c


Excellent Remedy for the intense pain of burns. Also very effective in the treatment of cystitis and urinary tract infections, where there are burning pains before, during or after urination. Intense mental and physical irritation. Onset is sudden and violent. pains are cutting and burning. Patients have a burning, intense thirst, but are worse after drinking (especially cold drinks)May be anxious and restless from pain.


China Officinalis 6c and 30c


No. 1 Remedy for dehydration. Delicate types whose senses are too acute. Emotionally and physically exhausted. Complaints often arise after loss of fluids / severe dehydration (eg after fever or diarrhoea). Ailments from loss of fluid makes patient feel tired and weak Bloated abdomen which belching wont relieve.


Drosera 6c and 30 c


An excellent cough remedy for spasmodic type coughs. No. 1 Remedy for whooping cough. Excellent cough remedy where cough is violent, spasmodic and leads to gagging / vomiting or nosebleed. Better holding chest. Sensation of feather in throat. Restlessness.


Euphrasia 6c and 30c


A specific remedy for ailments of the eye and mucous membranes. May be thick and yellow pus from the eyes, itching, burning, stinging tearing irritation to the eyes with pain, swelling or thickening of the eyelids and ulceration of the cornea with dim vision.


Gelsemium 6c, 30c and 200c


No. 1 Remedy for flu especially if there is shivering up and down the spine. Characterised by paralysis. The remedy is known as the "glass coffin" because although there is complete physical prostration, it is coupled with mental alertness. Patient trembles, has aching muscles and heaviness especially of the head and eyes - even the eyelids droop.
Also excellent for symptoms from anticipation and strong emotion eg. Exam nerves, stage fright etc.


Magnesia Phosphorica 6c and 30c


Known as the homoeopathic aspirin. Very effective if crushed in warm water and sipped. Useful for pain relief for neuralgia of the head and face, cramping or shooting pains. Relieves headaches' toothaches and menstrual pain. Those who respond well to this remedy may be sensitive or nervous types who often talk about their pains. Contact me if you need professional help if symptoms persist.


Nux Vomica 6c and 30c


No. 1 Remedy for hang-overs ... and over-indulgence in rich food. People who need this remedy are very chilly. Emotionally they tend to be tense, irritable and over-sensitive. They suffer from digestive complaints and although they feel much better for vomiting, they find it difficult to do so. They often work and play very hard, surviving on a 'diet' of coffee, alcohol and tobacco, despite the effect it has on them. For best results take the remedy a few hours before going to bed.


Pulsatilla 6c, 30c and 200c


No. 1 Remedy for childhood ear infections. With this remedy the symptoms and the patients themselves are very changeable. Emotionally they are moody, tearful and crave company. Children are clingy and whine. Pulsatilla types are thirstless and are much worse for being in a stuffy room; their mood improves dramatically when they go out in the fresh air. Discharges are thick, bland and yellow-green. Complaints may come on after getting wet, chilled feet.


Rhus Tox 6c, and 30c


Remedy for sprains and strains. Stiffness, coupled with terrible restlessness. Pains usually around joints, which ache, feel sore, bruised. The pain gets worse on first movement, with a tearing or stitching sensation, but this eases after continued movement, provided it is not too strenuous. During colds, fevers, flus, a triangular red tip at the end of their tongue is an excellent confirmatory symptom


Apis Mellifica 6c and 30c


First choice of Homeopathic remedy for severe allergic reactions, bites and stings with oedema (swelling)rashes and irritable skin. Fidgety and restless from pain and dsicomfort.

















































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