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Treatments for Farm and Working Animals

Homeopathy is an invaluable tool on the farm for all animals and is used by many farmers worldwide.. It can be used at a simple acute and preventative level, in conjunction with your management experience and conventional medicine knowledge. It can also be your front line treatment for many diseases you will face on the farm. Many farmers today are concerned, not only with the increasing cost of conventional drugs, but also with the toxic side effects and build up of resistant strains of bacteria due to the continued and often indiscriminate use of drugs like antibiotics and steroids.

Homeopathy can treat disease successfully. More importantly it could lessen disease by addressing the effects of stress in your animal. However good stockmanship is, a dairy cow by nature of its "job" is inevitably subject to stresses that wouldn't occur in nature. Concrete, unsuitable diet, too much food, the loss of the calf/lamb, groups larger than 40, overproduction of milk, transport, mixing of groups etc. Much disease from pneumonia to cancer can be caused by stress. A healthy unstressed animal or person has better resistance to illness, and if they do fall ill they often swiftly overcome it.

Homeopathic remedies when they are taken by healthy individuals produce a lot of physical symptoms. This is known as a proving, and is how homeopaths know what the remedies can treat in sick individuals. They also produce many mental symptoms. Of course people have described these feelings, but they are totally applicable to animals. This has been repeatedly verified in homeopathic veterinary practice. Animals are affected by fear, grief, resentment, homesickness, anxiety etc just as much as humans. These feelings can lead to physical disease in animals just as they do in us.

The remedies given below when used in a routine manner do not have to be given at the precise times suggested or all need to be given. Look at the individual farm and consider what is important. They do not all need to be given in the cows’ year as this may be too time consuming. Identify where problems are. Generally use the higher potencies for mental problems or when the suffering is intense – match the potency to the vitality of the animal. Also remember that there are other remedies that can be used in the situations outlined below. There are many remedies other than Aconite for fear or cold winds!

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This is the first remedy for shock and fear. Use routinely for TB testing, transportation, trapped in cubicle, stressful crush experiences etc and exposure to extreme weather conditions especially cold winds. Also use after and during a very difficult calving.
Aconite is frequently required at the beginning of many diseases but when the disease has progressed for a while it is usually too late for Aconite. Use frequently e.g. every five or ten minutes if required. For routine use I suggest morning and evening for two days starting on the day of stress.




Arnica. This is the remedy for falls, blows, bruising, the early stages of strains and haemorrhage. Often used after Aconite has dealt with the shock. Also use after Aconite post calving/lambing. Use the 200c potency frequently in acute situation. If the problem is deep pelvic bruising follow with Bellis.
Many diseases have their origin in shock. The quick use of the above may help prevent further illness, e.g. mastitis developing after a kick in the udder.




Ignatia. Use Ignatia for grief or any emotional trauma. Routinely use when calf/lamb taken from mother for both animals. Also useful for heifer first introduced into parlour and can facilitate milk let down. Use twice daily for 2 days.


Nux Vomica


Nux vomica. Use the 30c potency twice daily for two days whenever a major diet change occurs or with accidental over feeding, along with your usual interventions. Routinely use 30c potency twice daily for 2 days seven to fourteen days after calving as cake consumption increases and repeat if required. In cases of acidosis etc give every 30 minutes until condition stabilised together with your normal veterinary procedures.




China. Use 30c potency three times daily whenever major fluid loss has occurred e.g. dehydration along with your usual procedures


Calcarea Carbonica


Calc-carb. Use when a problem with calcium metabolism may occur i.e. milk fever. Calc-phos may be substituted instead if the cow's constitution suggests this. Use 30c potency twice daily for two days. This is also one of the constitutional remedies in cattle.




Staphisagria. Give routinely to the animal in any cases of bullying. Use twice daily for 3 days. The main feeling of this remedy is resentment




Hypericum. Use at 200c potency in conjunction with Arnica every hour if any nerve damage has occurred e.g. done the splits. Also consider for intensely painful injuries after trauma along with your usual interventions




Calendula. Give 30c potency four times daily for 3 days after any tearing/lacerating wounds




Caulophyllum. Give the 30c potency routinely each week for the three weeks pre calving. Anecdotally this acts as a uterine tonic and may help to avoid calving difficulties and retained cleansing.




Sepia. Give 30c potency twice daily for two days three to four weeks post calving. This may help the return of oestrus and normalise the hormones. It may also help in cases where the cow rejects her calf.


Lac defloratum


Lac defloratum. Give 30c potency to calf/lamb twice daily for two days following the Ignatia after separation from the mother. This remedy is actually made from milk! It helps the offspring to cope with the loss of the mother. This is one remedy that you want to include in your year.


Urtica urens


Urtica urens. Give 6c potency three times a day for three days to cow at weaning to help decrease milk production. The 30c potency is also one of the remedies to consider in mastitis where the first sign is loss of milk.




Camphor. One of the remedies to stimulate the calf/lamb to breathe after calving/lambing




Thuja. Give 30c potency routinely the morning before any vaccination and again in the evening and following morning.


First Aid Kit for the Farm


A selection of the most common Homeopathic remedies frequently used on the farm. Kit will be based on the above acute remedies. Kits can be made tailored to your needs so if you would like to request a remedy/remedies then I will do this for you.




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