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Specialist Treatments

As a Homeopathic practitioner I understand that many treatments are personal to the individual. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need advice or information prior to purchasing treatments.  The following treatments have all been formulated for many common conditions which I see and treat in my practice. 

 Unlike many large Homeopathic companies who make treatments in large batches, I  take time to make sure each treatment is individually prepared and the finest Homeopathic substances are sourced for each formula.

It is often necessary to have a full consultation to enable me to have a clearer understanding of your overall health based on all your symptoms.  In many cases Constitutional prescribing is required to help you achieve a better level of good health and wellbeing, both physically and emotionally.

Consultations can be arranged at my clinic and online (many people find this suits them very well)

For Consultation at my clinic please contact me for an appointment.

Consultation fee is £50 and lasts approximately 1 hour as a full history is taken.

Follow up appointments are £40 Homeopathic medicines are included in the consultation fees.


Consultation with Lori Rose - Online


Online Consultation can provide people anywhere in the world with the access to Homeopathic Consultation and Treatment with a Professional Practitioner. All your individual symptoms both physically and emotionally will be taken into consideration and treatment will be based on the totality of your symptoms to prescribe constitutional treatment which will stimulate a healing response on all levels. Consultation fee includes Homeopathic Medicines and aftercare support service.


Follow up consultation with Lori Rose - Online


Follow up appointment to monitor your progress of treatment and make any necessary adjustment to your treatment.


Homeopathic First Aid Kits


Homeopathic First Aid kit containing 10 of the most acutely prescribed remedies for common conditions and injury.
Kits can be tailor designed to suit your needs - please contact me to request this. Please take a look at the acute remedy section to help with your choice if required. All kits are made up in the 30c potency but can made in 200c, please contact me to request this.


Homeopathic First Aid Kit for Children


Homeopathic First Aid kit containing 10 of the most common remedies required for acute childhood conditions - injury, coughs, colds, fever, teething, stomach upsets, sore throats/ears etc. Again any special requests for the kit please contact me.


Insomnia Formula


A Homeopathic treatment formulated to help relax you and help you sleep. A natural, non sedating treatment to help you unwind and have a peaceful nights sleep.


Anxiety/Stress Formula


This carefully selected combination of remedies helps reduce symptoms associated with anxiety. Some common symptoms of anxiety - Rapid, pounding heartbeat, sweating, lightheadedness, feeling you cant get a breath, trouble concentrating, feelings of fear, head pressure as if your head is being squeezed, nausea and stomach discomfort.
Please contact me for further professional help if your problem is beyond acute treatment.


Hormonal Balance Formula 1


A Homeopathic formula to help balance and alleviate the symptoms associated with PMT - Headache, bloating, abdominal cramps, weepiness, mood swings etc. Please contact me for further assistance if this is a problem beyond acute prescribing.


Hormonal Balance Formula 2


A Homeopathic formula created to give ease and alleviate the symptoms associated with Menopause - Hot flushes, night sweats, exhaustion, weepiness, forgetfulness etc. Always consult me for further help if required.


Joint Ease Formula


A Homeopathic formula with a combination of remedies to help with the pain, stiffness and other associated symptoms relating to conditions such as arthritis and other joint related problems. A natural, non toxic and gentle approach to ease your symptoms.


Muscle Ease Formula


This treatment has been formulated to help and alleviate muscular pain caused by inury, strains etc. Gives great relief to aching and over worked muscles.


Sinus and Allergy Formula


This Homeopathic treatment has been formulated to alleviate the symptoms associatated with sinus problems Excellent remedy for sinusitus and allergic rhinitis. Relieves pressure and eases the pain and discomfort. Also suitable and very beneficial for hay fever symptoms. For more chronic cases please contact me for full consultation.


Homeopathic Corn Formula


A specialised formula to treat corns in people. My treatment has had a very high success rate with animals also and this formulated treatment has been adapted for all. It consists of Homeopathic pills to stimulate a healing response from the inside and also an oil based formula to be applied topically. Full instructions will be given with treatment. Treatment comes with all pills and 3 bottles of the Oil formula.




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